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Our Chief Technology Officer, Mehrshad Setayesh, was recently featured in the Ivy Podcast to share his story and offer an overview of the exciting innovations we are tackling at Softheon. 

Whether tackling Behavioral Health, Diabetes, ER Reduction or other priority uses cases for clients, Mehrshad and his team provide the technical expertise to bring our solutions to life. 

  • We have succesfully created a Saas cloud based platform around advanced healthcare analytics
  • Our Solutions embed advanced automation for both onboarding and program execution
    • It also includes auto scaling using Azure Databricks elesticity
    • Our approach allows an end-to-end program to finish in a matter of hours
  • The team bring aggregates engineering expertise in key areas
    • Big data processing using Spark ecosystem
    • Advanced analytics including machine learning
    • Deep healthcare domain experience including its plethora of different data formats
    • Healthcare security infrastructure

Culture is part of what makes Softheon special.

Mehrshad has developed a simple strategy for acquiring and retaining high-caliber talent. A sense of purpose, raw intelligence, an interest in their hobbies and understanding what sort of team culture will fit the candidate. If you interview with his team, Mehrshad isn’t only going to focus on technical skills but also will want to better understand who you are as a person. A question he asks is, ‘Is where they want to be in 3 years with Softheon, whether as an individual contributor or in a management role.’ To help the talent understand the culture, Mehrshad shares a couple of his mottos: “there is no trust without transparency” and “dissent is an obligation.” As a part of Mehrshad’s team, if you do not object to assigned work, it is assumed you can be held accountable for the delivery and it’s better to address all objections from the get-go. Finally, Mehrshad asks them how they have addressed a challenging situation whether at work or after work and they can bring up whatever example.

Want to learn more about the technology and team underpinning our Solutions?  Watch the full interview.