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As one of the first investors in our company, I’m excited to introduce you to the new Softheon Technologies, an organization that is now fulfilling our founding vision of solving complex healthcare challenges quickly and simply.

Our company has matured from an ambitious start-up to a seasoned performer with the operational efficiency and scale to help health plans across the United States achieve better member outcomes and savings.

To underscore this change, we’ve launched our redesigned website with new content, which I invite you to explore.

For now, let me explain how we help health plans succeed.

It’s simple: we help you influence the area of greatest untapped potential for healthcare savings: member behavior.

While there are certainly areas of opportunity for plans to achieve improved cost and quality outcomes, for example moving to value-based care, there is a massive greenfield opportunity in influencing member behavior – health plans and their members incur significant costs and suffer sub optimal outcomes because their members engage in behavior X rather behavior Y. Here are a few examples:

  • If members with low-acuity conditions moved from going to the ER (behavior X) and instead used lower-cost-of-care settings like telehealth (behavior Y), it would save $38 billion per year.
  • If members who did not adhere to their diabetes medication (behavior X) and instead did (behavior Y), it would save $80 billion per year.
  • And if members with behavioral health challenges who are not receiving care (behavior X) instead received treatment (behavior Y), it would save $120 billion per year.

These are just three of many, many examples. The potential savings are simply staggering.

So the focus of the new Softheon is to help plans drive member behavior change at scale, and quantify the value from doing so. And not only are the financial savings for you and your members dramatic, but also the improvement in outcomes and access are dramatic as well,  enabling you to fulfill your vision of improving your members’ health.

So, how can you partner with us? And what’s changed about our company since the early days?

You have great care management programs; we help you activate members into using them

In working with health plans of every size and type, we know all too well that insurers have no shortage of innovative programs with tremendous potential to improve their members’ health.

There’s just one problem: your members aren’t using them at the numbers needed to have a significant impact.

That’s where our portfolio of solutions, analytics platform, data scientists, and engagement experts come in. Take any program you have, whether it’s telehealth, behavioral health, diabetes care, etc., and our platform can analyze it in a matter of hours — sometimes even in a matter of minutes.

That’s because we’ve become brilliant at the basics:

  • the speed at which our platform operates,
  • the precision of our targeted messaging for engaging and influencing your members, and
  • the measurement of how our service impacts your operations and savings.

Having mastered the fundamentals, we can now execute on our founders’ vision of accelerating health plan decision-making, helping you optimize programs in a matter of weeks or months.

We also now have the track record to prove our impact and capabilities.

Billions of data points analyzed, tens of thousands of members engaged, hundreds of programs completed helping health plans

When your goal is nothing short of fixing the healthcare system, experience matters.

With the billions of data points our platform has analyzed, the tens of thousands of members we’ve helped plans engage, and the hundreds of KPIs we’ve guided plans to precisely quantified savings and improvements, we’ve developed both the rigor and flexibility to enable you to tackle any healthcare challenge.

A few of our recent successful collaborations illustrate the kinds of outcomes you can expect when working with Softheon.

For example, we recently helped a health plan that was experiencing increased costs due to untreated behavioral health issues. Given the limited number of behavioral health specialists in the members’ area, the plan recognized that virtual behavioral care was the best way to meet members’ needs.

The health plan turned to us for help in optimizing utilization of their virtual behavioral health care program.  We were initially able to increase activation of members into the program by 33%, and recently, we confirmed that rate is over 60% now.

That means that several thousand people were able to receive care that they wouldn’t have otherwise received.

We take tremendous pride and satisfaction in enabling such wins for health plans and their members.

With a regional health plan, our analysis demonstrated the plan’s behavioral health program is reducing costs. By influencing members, the plan saw their behavioral health cost trend reduced 176%.

Our partnerships consistently lead to profound results — higher participation in diabetes prevention programs, dramatic reductions in avoidable ER utilization, increased access to telehealth for members in rural areas — all the while reducing total cost of care.

You can also turn to us for insights into the particular social determinants that may be preventing your members from accessing care or executing on their providers’ guidance.

For example, through our data analysis, we can identify whether members face transportation challenges, lack of access to healthy food, or some other barrier to health. We can then suggest the specific engagement strategies that will enable you to help members overcome these obstacles.

What separates Softheon Technologies from other possible solutions?

Unlike other healthcare companies that offer analytics and engagement services, Softheon Technologies can show that our engagement strategies causally resulted in behavior change, and we can quantify the value of that behavior change because we are sitting on top of your claims data.

These capabilities are critical because if you work with other engagement companies and achieve improvements, you won’t know whether your gains were because of something the company did or the result of randomness. Nor will you know the exact, numerical impact of their work.

In contrast, when you work with Softheon Technologies, our analytics engine, team and scalable process can achieve statistically significant, quantifiable results.

Our mission: helping you achieve yours

Our mission is “to enable intelligent decisions to reshape health care” and our vision is “to become the critical resource for how healthcare outcomes are optimized.” We have decided that to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision the key constituent we should focus on is health plans. They are our only clients and our goal is to help them fulfill their vision of improving their member’s healthcare journeys, and do so by helping them optimize their programs and engagement processes.

Together, we can solve big healthcare problems simply, go from insights to action faster, and improve the health of your members by influencing the most critical variable: human behavior.

And with each member population that receives better, less costly care, together we can rewrite the story of healthcare in this country, improving our collective health while reducing healthcare spending.

We want to make you the hero of that story.

In achieving better cost and quality outcomes for your members, think of us as the Robin to your Batman and always ready with a simple question: how can we help?

— Peter Everett, CEO of Softheon Technologies