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Three Questions for our Team of Experts

Internally, we strive to grow as an organization with experts as part of the Softheon team. Our experts have knowledge about behavioral health, telehealth, diabetes, avoidable ER with years of experience in our industry.

The experts sat down and answered three questions:

  1. Why did you join Softheon Technologies?
  2. What experience do you bring to your role that you believe will impact healthcare?
  3. What’s not wrong in healthcare?

Our CEO, Peter Everett explains why he joined Softheon, “After taking some time off after selling my last company, and with the prospect of me and my wife becoming empty nesters, I was ready to get back to work and wanted to go to a new city. I was looking for a healthcare IT company that had tremendous growth potential and interesting challenges to address. Softheon was a perfect fit!”

In our second question, Peter shares his experience, “I started up a healthcare IT company previously and lead it from pre-revenue to industry leadership and eventual sale, so that experience will clearly help me in contributing to Softheon’s impact on healthcare. Prior to my previous company, I worked on Wall Street doing merger and acquisition advisory work in healthcare IT where you are trained to look at how industries are structured and evaluate the companies within them; this training helps you think about how companies should be structured; this is clearly something that will help in evaluating payor analytics companies.”

So what is not wrong in healthcare, Peter? “We have the best quality healthcare system in the world, but only for those that can afford it. If we can keep that quality but democratize it that would be a great opportunity to take the best of our healthcare system, or what’s “not wrong” about it, and spread it around.”

Nasir Ali is our Chief Product Officer and we are so glad to have him at Softheon. He shares why he joined our team, “Softheon’s mission is ‘enable intelligent decisions to reshape healthcare’. I joined Softheon because I truly believe in this mission. I believe data, analytics, and AI can be leveraged to make healthcare more intelligent. Softheon is helping healthcare organizations make smarter decisions to help improve healthcare costs, quality, and access to care. I wanted to be part of this journey.”

With over 10 years of experience in health care, Nasir explains what experience he brings to his role, “Most of my career I’ve been working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve collaborated with healthcare payors and providers to understand the challenges they are going through and how technological innovations can help address their pain points. I’ve been focused on leveraging new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud computing to help simplify and transform healthcare.”

Finally, Nasir shares what he thinks is not wrong in health care, “Even though there are plenty of opportunities for improvement in healthcare, I believe there are some aspects that continue to work well. Healthcare organizations and professionals continue to focus on improving people’s lives through better health. The healthcare community is always looking for innovative ways to provide the best care for its members and patients. We saw the greatest evidence of that during this COVID pandemic. Healthcare entities across private and public sectors came together to fight this global challenge to support the health of their communities.”

Dr. Michael Poku is our Chief Medical Officer and he answers our first question ‘Why did you join Softheon Technologies?’, “Softheon has a unique set of assets and capabilities to really promote the changes we need in healthcare and to do it in a transformative way. Healthcare is in desperate need of data-driven insights to help enhance quality and remove waste from the system. There are too many stakeholders that just don’t know how to start this journey (or continue it) and Softheon is well-positioned to help organizations navigate during these turbulent, ever-changing times. Ensuring that the data “leads” is key for the next wave of transformation in healthcare and Softheon has the right people, processes, and technology to lead the charge here.”

We asked Dr. Poku how his past experiences help him in his current role, “I always had a true passion for service and servant leadership. I’d argue that this zeal is truly a prerequisite for becoming a good physician. As an internist, I have enjoyed the broad clinical view being an internist affords a provide as I’m quite fascinated by not only physiology and longitudinal management of conditions but other elements that are so key in the successful delivery of medical care such as how to motivate patients and families and how to spur health behavior change. While at McKinsey, my focus was on value-based care initiatives and addressing systems-level improvements in healthcare on both the payer and the provider side. In essence, my work really boiled down to using data and intelligence from disparate sources to help clients improve the lives of the patients under their auspices. Finally, I have my MBA from Harvard business school because I  saw education as a great way to participate at the important junction of medicine and business.” 

What is not wrong in health care, Dr. Poku? “The people who pursue careers in healthcare are particularly impressive. I don’t think you can find a more dedicated and caring workforce than that of healthcare. Those who choose to work in healthcare are a special breed who are driven by mission and who largely have a genuine desire to help others. Anything that we do to transform the healthcare system must remember to retain this very important aspect of healthcare in the United States.”

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