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As a company, we are driven by our mission and vision. We play an important role in healthcare as we partner with health plans. Our values define who are we as a company and what we believe to be important in our culture. These fundamental beliefs and behaviors are the guiding principles to how we show up at work and how we manage Softheon. They are our core values, but we believe these beliefs and behaviors define us so well that we created our own name for them. We call them our NHTisms.

We channel passion into purposeWe Solve for YES!We >IWe see the forest and the treesWe nerd out

Our employees use our NHTisms in their day-to-day role, and they can be seen living out our values. We asked some of our employees to share stories about how they live out NHTisms in their work.

Lance Floto is a data scientist at Softheon, and he has been a part of our team for over two and half years. As a part of our engineering department, Lance and his colleagues revamped our rule engine. The rule engine was difficult to work with and required a lot of engineering time to add new features and data sources. Working together, the engineering team restructured the representation model to be more generic as well as introduced parse trees to allow for more robust and accurate execution of logical rules. At Softheon, a parse tree is a tool to evaluate who is a trial and who is control using user-defined rules. The enhancements should set the foundation to allow the new code to be used across our algorithm library as well as make the code easily extendable for new features and customers. Lance lived out one of our NHTisms, We Solve for Yes!, when he worked through revamping the rule engine.

Matt Powers, Ph.D., is a healthcare research analyst at Softheon, and he has been a part of the Softheon team for over two years. A scientist by training, Matt knows that details matter when answering complex and impactful research questions. Details also matter for business questions, but the story that the data tell and the insights/recommendations that surface are what’s meaningful for decision-makers. This balance between details and the big picture is an important one in the healthcare space because decisions often have real-world health and financial consequences. As a result, Matt strives to give both his internal and external collaborators a robust understanding of the overarching goal we are working towards while also probing on the details daily. Matt’s family believes this trait is annoying, but the outcome is greater confidence in the decisions made. Matt’s attention to detail and sharing them with internal and external stakeholders is an example of one of our NHTisms in action. Seeing the forest and the trees is a NHTism, and Matt is living it out daily in his projects.

Anne Taylor has been supporting Softheon’s client for over two years, and she is the E^3 manager. E^3 (Engagement Experience Expertise) is a department within Client Services at NHT, delivering client program optimization and strategy. Using creativity, industry experience, and data unique to each client and their goals, the E^3 team creates a repeatable inventory/repository that is progressive and considers the ever-changing healthcare market. As the manager of E^3, Anne’s role allows her to be creative and think outside of the box when she is solving problems. One of our NHTisms is We Solve for Yes! As an organization, we genuinely care about our clients and believe we are only as successful as they are. Therefore, the ability to think outside-the-box allows Anne the best opportunity to support our clients.

As we said our values are core to who we are at Softheon. Lance, Matt and Anne are three examples of employees living out NHTisms in their daily lives. Looking to join our team? Check out our current opening here.