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Case Study

Increasing Medicare Advantage member mental health enrollment by 33% in only two weeks

By June 9, 2021February 24th, 2022No Comments

National health plan achieves 33% increase in member activation rate

In this case study, the health plan is trying to engage about 95,000 Medicare Advantage members with serious mental illness. These seniors live in 9 states. The plan’s initial outreach divided the group into four traditional marketing personas. Very few responded to the plan’s outreach to sign up for virtual mental health services. ​To address this challenge, the health plan retained a behavioral health company that specializes in virtual mental health care, then launched marketing campaigns to educate and engage these members.

The plan partnered with us to create and implement a three-phase study to revise their outreach and engagement efforts to boost the member activation rate achieved by the plan. Using Softheon’s analytic insights to personalize marketing and influence member behavior led to a 33% increase in the rate at which members were activated into virtual behavioral health care.