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Case Study

National health plan accelerates telehealth adoption, leading to $7.91 PMPM savings

By May 5, 2021May 19th, 2022No Comments

Accelerating telehealth adoption by targeting member segments and optimizing engagement

Members increasingly want access to care the moment they need it. In Texas, in particular, free-standing emergency departments are easy to access and often resemble doctors’ offices, adding to the industry-wide issue of expensive and avoidable ER visits. In light of the COVID-nineteen pandemic, telehealth solutions provide an accessible and affordable alternative for receiving care at all hours and in a safe environment.

In partnership with one of the nation’s largest healthcare payers, Softheon Technologies leveraged three years of historic member data to identify target members in the state who could make more cost-effective healthcare decisions. Creating member “nudges” toward virtual care alternatives, Softheon and its’ payer partnership increased telehealth usage, ultimately reducing avoidable ER visits and securing member savings.​​​