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Softheon’s Executive Advisory Council Tackles How Payers are Measuring and Optimizing Their Clinical Portfolios for Reduced Costs and Improved Outcomes

Analytics shine a spotlight on the initiatives that deliver value and how to integrate resulting insights into workflow


DENVER, CO, October 15, 2019 – Softheon Technologies, whose analytics platform helps healthcare organizations rapidly evaluate their entire portfolios of cost, service and access initiatives to know what works and improve affordability, hosted its Fall Executive Advisory Council meeting in Denver on October 7th and 8th, 2019. The invitation-only Council is comprised of some of healthcare’s most influential executives and collectively represents over 30% of all insured persons in the United States.

Members convened to discuss the collective challenge of identifying the optimal balance of cost, quality of care, and affordability in the face of the often-dizzying number and array of clinical initiatives and investment options. In reviewing real-world case studies presented by healthcare luminaries, members shared the best practices and technologies that are helping them measure and optimize initiative impacts. Results of a pre-event survey revealed that most members rated their organizational effectiveness to move an insight into operational workflow at only a 2.9 out of 5.0 (with 5.0 being most effective and 1.0 being least effective). Limiting factors cited included: a) cultural resistance to change or lack of stakeholder buy-in, b) centralized or decentralized governance, c) the level of investment or resource lift required for implementation, and d) the strategic importance of the initiative. All members noted the potential benefits of utilizing the granular insights generated by the platform to aid in “storytelling” and help drive the insights into workflow.

“Together, we dug deep into specific use cases to identify and examine learnings, discussed opportunities and barriers surrounding workflow integration, and explored the continued evolution of our analytics platform,” said Eric Grossman, CEO of Softheon. “I am humbled and honored to host such a collaborative and insightful group of senior healthcare leaders.”

Softheon Technologies contact:

Melissa O’Connor
SVP, Marketing & Communications

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