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Consumer-Centric Healthcare: A Conversation with Avik Roy

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In this episode of the Analytics & Outcomes podcast, Softheon Technologies CEO, Eric Grossman, interviews Avik Roy, President of The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity. Avik assesses the current state of healthcare, and provides his vision for empowering consumers to make their best healthcare decisions.

Note: The views and opinions expressed by guests of the Analytics & Outcomes Podcast series do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of Softheon Technologies.

Interview topics include:

Politics & Reform (1:40 – 2:50): Assessing the latest reform efforts and how policy can best serve consumers.

Avik: “You’ve got to have an individual market in which people can have a robust set of options in terms of the health insurance they buy…”

The Relationship Between Insurers and Consumers (2:51 –  7:35): How insurers can empower consumers to make well-informed healthcare decisions, based on individual needs. 

Avik: “If we can move to a system where you’re able to capture the rewards as a consumer for staying healthy…that’s when the consumer is really going to start to thrive.”

Providers, Value-Based Care, and Consumers (7:36 – 9:12): Market-based solutions that increase options to consumers, while also improving value of care for all Americans. 

Avik: “I would say that the best way to capture value is to make the individual market work, and have that product, that market, expand and cover more people.”

Creating a Consumer-Driven Healthcare System (9:13 –  17:32): Avik provides his vision for a consumer-driven healthcare system, built on consumer freedom and market competition.

Avik: “Let people have the choice. Let the market serve these different consumers who have different desires of what they want their healthcare system to look like.”